Personal Training

Human muscle has an innate ability to ward off damaging effects of chronic inflammation when exercised. The right exercise programme that combines some muscle building with a focus on excellent technique can, will and does prevent much disease. Exercise accelerates detoxification of the heavy metals through sweating and heavy breathing, suppresses inflammatory reactions, promotes blood flow and distribution of nutrients. Most importantly, it activates parasympathetic nervous system response, to stimulate digestion, and help the body relax.

Exercise generates and supports perseverance in life, persistence, character, toughness and resilience. Resilience to collapsing to the daily stresses is especially beneficial in circumventing any unnecessary negative downward spiral. Making impact and learning how to punch and kick builds and develops these qualities into the physiology and indeed the psyche whilst mobilising trapped energy and clearing out stagnant unhelpful behaviour patterns. Exercise routines can be fine tuned to harness these qualities and will be tailored to accommodate each person privately.

Yoga, Pilates, Bioenergetics, Tai Chi, Weights, Boxing, and Muay Thai are all mixed into well rounded sessions with a focus on breath work, technique, flexibility, and building strong healthy muscles.




Where to Start?

Begin with The Five Tibetan Rites for women:

For men, please follow below:

Further info coming soon.