Nutritional Therapy

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” — Hippocrates

The Mountain Diet

The bodies today are very weak or yin (magnetic or acidic). This is the result of consuming too many toxins, pharmaceutical medicines and yin foods that move the microcosmic orbit in an upward direction which destabilises organ function. For this reason, our diet focus’ on re-mineralising the body with yang foods that help ground the body, moving the microcosmic orbit downward, healing worn and ruptured tissues on a cellular level and cleaning the body of toxins. Understood as a medicine food can do all of these things. It can be used to clean the body, re-mineralise it and ground us. Our diet focus’ on getting protein and key nutrients to the bone marrow. When the bone marrow is devoid of essential things it dies, and so does everything inside of it – the immune system itself.

A wise man once said that you are ‘only as healthy as the food that you eat’, but sadly much of our food is deficient of key nutrients. Plants only need 3 minerals to grow, but the body needs 90. As a reaction to a diet devoid of these nutrients we have seen an increase in the use of supplements to complement our diets. Although this method can be a helpful bridge to a more sustainable long term dietary regime, when people stop taking their supplements, the problems return. In this sense, supplements are being used only as drugs to depend on. This is not how to heal the body deeply, restore and self generate chi levels. Further, the majority of the supplements on the market today are made from exhausted top soils or synthetic chemicals. They rely on branding and marketing, and taking them can move us further into the disease pattern that gave rise to the deficiency. Our approach is very different, more comprehensive and whole system.

Our diet focus’ on increasing the body’s total volume of chi energy by incorporating few yin or acid foods and many yang or alkaline foods. Root veg, meat, natural fats, sea salt, ginger, and spring water are central to the diet and all foods we recommend are natural and must be pesticide free and organic. The programme consists of two-to-three simple nutritionally rich meals each day, one vegetable juice and some key supplements, and a plan will be tailored based on the results we gather using our questionnaire.

Inspired by the work of Weston Price, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D. (GAPS) and Paul Chek our diet has combined a number of different macrobiotic systems to balance the oxidation rate of any client (the metabolic rate). In so doing, the body uses less of its own chi reserves to take advantage of the majority of the life force energy in the food we are eating. The approach is comprehensive because it understands the benefits of alkalising the body first before consuming anything. For example, we prescribe one round of belly breathing before eating lunch and cold showers. If the body is highly acidic, and toxic it will not make much use of top quality food so there is an approach to cooking, eating, even shopping that is well considered. A lot of what we teach can be learnt in the books we recommend, How to Eat, Move and be Healthy! and Gut and Psychology Syndrome.

We recommend some supplements while the body integrates our diet and the other healing practises but the main focus is on buying whole natural foods from farmers markets and cooking predominantly meat and veg. We have options for vegetarians too but consider vegetarian, vegan, fruit and juice based diets very yin, acidic or weakening. As was observed by Weston Price almost 100 years ago, healthy cultures ate mainly veg and meat. His book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects is part of our key reading list.

At the centre of all medicine systems we find similarities; the goal is to “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” To do this, food can be used to clean the body of toxins whilst simultaneously restoring chi levels. As this happens, the body becomes restored in adaptive energy. Not dissimilar to cleaning a home of old things and bringing in healthy new things, the body too is a house and needs regular cleaning and maintenance using the right produce. The book Clear Your Clutter parallels very well the external house with the internal digestive system so we encourage the use of the sauna and the coffee enema to accelerate detoxification.

Our focus is on balancing the oxidation rate (how the body metabolises energy) using food, water, light and oxygen, and there are certain body indicators that confirm the rate is balancing. Our process is somewhat observation based in contrast with other more scientific approaches that use blood or hair analysis to study the biochemistry via labs. For now, our programme makes no use of these sciences to guide but depends on physical indicators in the hair, skin, eyes and nails. Further, when the rigid holding held in the muscles starts to melt, the organs become cleaner and more active. While this takes place, the Five Tibetan Rites that we prescribe and the tailored exercises are much easier to perform. When the programme is working, everything involved in it will become easier as the nervous system is now decompressed and blood carries nutrients further to the extremities.

What is really happening with our programme is what can be considered true healing – ultimately we are increasing the amount of nutrients travelling to the entire body, including to the centre of the bones (where the immune system is located). The immune system contained within the marrow is then ‘good to go’ into the body as and when it is required and in proportion with what it is coming into contact with and this increase in motility can be considered restorative or healing. When we cut nutrients from hitting the centre of the bone, marrow dies and the system is unable to release white bloods cells when it needs to process infectious pathogens. For this reason, our approach is to use yang foods which heat the body and generate motion and flow, which is a flow of all plasma fluids to the extremities. Any other attempt to up-regulate the immune system to try and fight infection will fall short and for this reason we do not recommend any pharmaceutical intervention be considered to stimulate immune response. Such interventions tend to bury symptoms in contrast with the natural process which is one that can be relied upon, one that is well written into the body’s nature. Much of the time we simply need to get out of its way for it to function. Sauna therapy, cold showers, the coffee enema, exercise and meditation all help with this as they generate parasympathetic nervous system response or mind-body synchronisation.

The mind-body disconnection is far reaching in our society and as such, people don’t know what to eat, when or how. And they think that food is merely something to be used for pleasure or to fill the gut. When it is to be understood as a medicine. Our programme teaches the what to eat, when, and how but also the why, as is understood in macrobiotics and has been understood for centuries using only whole naturally growing fruit, veg, salt, meat, dairy and grain.