I am a Body Based Therapist and Personal Trainer practising Bioenergetics and Massage.

After 15 years of body work, training people in boxing gyms and dojo’s, and studying complementary approaches to healing the body, I wish to help as many people as possible benefit from this comprehensive whole system programme designed to up-regulate the immune system, conquer disease, and help you thrive into old age. 

I currently study and practise Bioenergetics a unique form of body psychology (Lowen). I  have worked globally as an exercise and kickboxing coach and health consultant teaching nutritional intervention in disease prevention.

To understand the relationship between our biology, and our thoughts as well as the nature of consciousness itself I have spent thirteen years studying and writing on the archetypes, character, and story, and have a masters degree in creative writing. I am the founder of LGC, a literary consultancy firm and ghostwriting company which helps people write their memoirs; a cathartic psychotherapeutic process of release and transformation. I teach and host workshops focusing on the power of thoughts, and contemplation (not meditation) as well as reasons why craft helps a person to become physically strong and mentally developed.

With a deep love for India, I began travelling there in 2009 and have since been back 7 times to further study its culture and mythos, their therapies, their medicine and to live in their mountains.

I love to meet new people and help them gain function by removing energy blocks (psychological tensions from the physical body) and awakening dead spots by making the bodies cleaner and more flexible; using massage (including reflexology), breathwork, exercise, four detoxification protocols, a specific macrobiotic diet and Bioenergetics – a unique approach to working with the body.


Most people spend their last years suffering with debilitating mental and physical diseases. Frail, depressed, sick and miserable they die in pain, scared, cold and alone in a hospital or a care home. This is unnecessary and it is tragic. It is a systemic problem, one that we can turn around by taking charge of our own health and well being in a complete and total way. Where to begin? The body is the first system we need to get right, only then will societal systems align. The body is the key to self belief and character development.

Age does not need to mean disease. Age is a forward moving process of spiritual development, not one of disintegration into ill health and disease states. Life is meant to be a joy, creative, peaceful and a wonderful adventure. And this is available for us all to choose, but it will take effort. Self belief comes with self disciple. The mountain mind mission: organise, inspire, and teach a life system that helps more people to age well, peacefully and strong, just as nature intended.

Please be prepared to fill out key forms, answer lots of questions and get ready for actual change, the process we follow provides results – normally in under 2 days.

Sessions are held at my home and in Brockwell Park. I charge £55 an hour (sessions may last 2-3 hours).