This is the home of the Mountain Mind Programme, a whole system development programme combining the science of macrobiotics with a unique approach to exercise and body therapy. Our transformational healing system teaches people how to safely process anxiety with the aim of clearing disease ‘patterns’.

The Mountain Mind Programme goes back to basics and is helping people understand disease and health by looking to our traditional forms of medicine. We show you how to take back responsibility for your own well being naturally, and how to depend less on pharmaceutical intervention to fight infection and treat diseases, chronic conditions, body pains and mental ill health. By detoxifying the body, balancing the oxidation rate (yin and yang) and decompressing the nervous system our approach is a ‘whole system approach’ as we re-generate the body’s healing equipment safely and thoroughly.

Our body work emphasises a removal of the emotional stress and in turn the physical tensions in the muscles by dissolving fixations and mental rumination – the source of almost all disease. Alongside this body work we integrate the right diet plan to re-mineralise the body and balance biochemistry. We use a test to first understand a clients metabolic type and then integrate a macrobiotic diet to make the body warmer (more alkaline or yang). This dietary approach combines a number of different medicine systems designed to increase the body’s total volume of chi energy – in turn supporting and nourishing the immune system inside the bones.


Incorporating massage, breathwork and Exercise with Bioenergetics as well as our four detoxification protocols our programme works to ensure an increase in motility or distribution of all plasma fluids to the extremities, the key to healing. Gradually a natural balancing of the biochemistry takes place which accelerates detoxification. Cleaner and stronger the body is less-stagnant-more-fluid and certain indicators we monitor confirm this. Disease symptoms then tend to clear and a persons attitude is more naturally positive, at peace and optimistic, life is easier, the body is more powerful, a person is more functional and the mind is more able to persevere since the physical body is now synchronised with its own rhythms. Sleep patterns stabilise, exercise becomes easier, infectious pathogens are more easily processed.

The goal of our programme is to help our clients take responsibility for their own lives. We achieve this by helping them ‘process’ and not ‘avoid’ anxiety which in turn melts built up tensions that are held in the muscles. Grounded, present and orientated to the body a person is stronger as the microcosmic orbit now travels in the right direction, which is downward. Functional again the body becomes pleasurable again. In this state a person is able to know what true health is as ‘the spontaneous expression of unopposed aliveness resulting from the removal of its obstacles’. Because illnesses are physical, mental and finally spiritual it makes sense to approach healing from all three dimensions and not separate out these sides to the phenomena of disease and recovery, thus maximising the potential for full recovery from any disease.

On this website you will find introductory information about the different sections to our programme and why this teachable system helps a person gain stamina and life endurance as we restore adaptive energy levels with you, battery power, or chi; in turn up regulating immune system—the only safe and real way to fight infection.

Nothing is weaker than water,
But when it attacks something hard
Or resistant, then nothing withstands it,
And nothing will alter its way.

The symbol of a mountain encapsulates the body’s true tradition. It is a symbol of strength, wisdom and natural beauty. A mountain is a system that is self cleaning and self generating. It comes and goes. It moves and changes. It has a function. It is part of a greater pressure system. It adapts and re-forms in tune with the forces that form its own natural pattern.

The Mountain Mind Programme calls on nature to align the mind with the body by encouraging the distribution of an electro magnetic charge through the meridian channels to cleanse and re-generate life systems. The end result is a clear but flexible mind, a strong heart and a happy, healthy and disease free body that is natural, present, beautiful and self believing; one that is setup to age well and pain free, just as nature intends.

Mountain Mind, Mountain Strong, Heart Wisdom.